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The provider of this website supplies us with valuable and interesting visitor statistics, eg where you come from and which sub sites are your favorites (it's the "Listen..." and the "Download..." sites so far). But certainly they don't tell us who you are... unless you tell us. The Instant Drone Factory is an international music project and our visitors come from all over the world, most of them from the US, the UK, China, countries of the former USSR and from fairly exotic places like Lagos, Nigeria, the Coromandel Valley in Australia, Folsom prison ;-) (?) and several US military facilities... So, if you like to tell us and other visitors who you are and where you are, feel free to do so. Your email address is required for sending but it doesn't show up in your post. We won't use it for anything but to satisfy our curiosity and we ask you to stay away from obvious ads or spamming... If you want to get in touch with us, please use the "Contact..." page or email us via [email protected].

As our management resides in Germany and this website is hosted by a German provider the naming of the content fields is in German, saying "Your name", "Your email address*", "Post your message here:" and the button says "send"... Once you sent your message you receive a brief reply in German that your content will be checked and approved before it goes public.

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