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There are severals ways to get in touch with the Instant Drone Factory.

If you just want to say "hello" to the band, use

It's band leader Frank Gingeleit who's checking this mailbox every day.

If it's about booking Frank Gingeleit as an audio adviser, music producer or mixing and mastering engineer, please email him at

For international press relations, please email Nick Saviç at Prog Sphere Promotions at

"First aid" for journalists and bloggers can be found via the "Write & Broadcast" link at the bottom of this page. There you find detailed information about Nick's services and the cases in which it makes sense to contact the Instant Drone Factory directly.

Bookings are currently managed by band leader Frank Gingeleit, to be reached via the email address on the top of this page. If you are a booker, please have a look at the "Booking" page to be found at the bottom of this page. Currently, we're looking for booking agencies all over the world (full service, countries or territories mainly in North, South and Middle Europe) as we're planning a tour during Spring/Summer 2015 on the occasion of our forthcoming album "Moving Into Darker Places".

If you want to sell our CDs as a wholesaler or retailer, please get in touch with the export department of Indigo Distribution first. If you're facing any problems concerning their conditions, please email Piet Manns-Langenberg at the Fünfundvierzig label, who carries most of our CDs and helps with everything distribution-wise. You can reach Piet at

The band's postal address:

Instant Drone Factory

c/o Frank Gingeleit

Saarbrücker Str. 11

68309 Mannheim


Phone: +49-621-1229256

Fax: +49-621-1229257

Cell: +49-173-3145340

A nice and very much appreciated way to say "hello" to the band would be to pay our page on Facebook a visit and click "like" there. Once you've done so you'll see a "message" button on the top of that page and you can use this for communication with the band. Every now and then we're running promotional campaigns on our Facebook page with the option of winning CDs, concerts tickets, taking part in "meet & greet" events and the like.