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The Instant Drone Factory

on Facebook

Whether you like that tendency or not, being found on Facebook and having a number of "fans" (people who have clicked "like" via the "thumb up" button) is ever more getting kind of a "currency" in the days of an upcoming Web 3.0... So, if you enjoyed your stay on our website, please click on the thumb button below. When you're having a Facebook account, you're done and we're having a new "fan" --- YOU! Our Facebook page is public. You don't have to have a Facebook account of your own in order to visit this page, but if you want to "like" us there, you have (and you can register with Facebook without having to create a public profile). By having just registered with them (and you can choose a fantasy name, if you like) you can "like" (and support) us as well as anybody else who you have a passing liking for or think deserves support...