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Instant Drone Factory

Stylistically, the Instant Drone Factory cover a broad scope of musical genres. This is due to the age of the participating musicians (from early 30s to mid 50s), their nationalities (Italy, Japan, England, Germany) and their cultural and educational background as well as their individual musical education and listening experiences. Their repertoire covers Kraut as well as Post and Indie Rock, British Industrial, Noise, Drones, Jazz and sometimes even Pop and Soul (Verona Davis, their female singer on two albums, is still well known for her solo part on the Stereo MCs’ world hit “Connected” and her collaboration with Vaya Con Dios). These experiences are molten together in a very coherent way rather than performing “eclectic mishmash”.

Besides their individual instrumental abilities, the musicians that so far made up the different line-ups of the Instant Drone Factory have the experience of some hundred songs composed for their own bands or solo projects. This is probably the reason why - astonishingly enough, even for themselves - from their very first show on what they played were tunes that seemed to be pre-composed songs although they weren't.

The Instant Drone Factory don't consider themselves as an obviously political band. On the other hand, they're having clear positions that can be associated with political progressivism and the RIO (Rock in opposition) movement in the Progressive Rock segment. They are "cosmopolitical" (as opposed to the current neo-liberal concept of "globalism") and they see their music, although it's oftentimes denied that this would be possible at all, as a democratic process of free individuals and to communicate this to public audiences and listeners of the CDs: “You’re the music, we’re only the band”, an attitude toward music known from the Seventies.

Besides Frank Gingeleit and Andrea Tabacco, singer and guitarist of the Italian Post Rock band Elton Junk, who can be heard on all albums, the musicians that participated in the several "re-incarnations" of the Instant Drone Factory are:

  • Christian Jäger of the German Krautrock band Space Drebris played drums on "Critical Mass"
  • Thomas Gorny, also a member of Space Debris, played bass on "Critical Mass", "Moving Into Darker Places" and "Gimme More - The Club EP"
  • Norbert Schwefel of the German Art Rock band Schwefel guested on grand piano on "Ho Avuto Paura del Mare"
  • Verona Davis from London, now living in Germany, a member of the Stereo MCs, Vaya Con Dios, the Deltones, Pop the Moon and quite a few more bands and musical projects, guested on "Ho Avuto Paura del Mare" and contributed her lead vocals to "Moving Into Darker Places" and "Gimme More - The Club EP"
  • Rie Miyazaki of the Japanese Psychedelic Rock band Marble Sheep played bass on "Live" and "Ho Avuto Paura del Mare"
  • Morihide Sawada, also of Marble Sheep, played drums on "Live" and "Ho Avuto Paura del Mare"
  • Thomas Hinkel of Schwefel and Pop The Moon played keyboards and flute on "Live", "Ho Avuto Paura del Mare", "Moving Into Darker Places" and "Gimme More - The Club EP"
  • Steff Bollack of the Karmic Society and the Ax Genrich Band from Germany played drums on "Moving Into Darker Places" and "Gimme More - The Club EP"